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Kazuki Sakata - Sport


Final album from 80's video games composer, Kazuki Sakata.

For fans of 8Bit.



Kazuki Sakata is a beautiful enigma. 

Having been a successful video games music producer in early 80’s Japan, Kazuki latterly became a prisoner in the floating castle of his own mind. 

Retreating to the tiny island of Matsumae Ōshima to do battle with a series of debilitating psychoses, it took the patience and affections of a young boy, thought to be his long lost son, to set Kazuki free from three decades of mental paralysis and gradually return him to his former greatness.

Sport is the product of this miraculous journey of rediscovery, of one man’s overwhelming struggle with dementia, an ode to the innocence of 8bit characters and a love letter to the halcyon days of when computer games came on cassette.

Let Sport fill your soul with eternal well-being.

“Smile.  Shed tears of sadness and tears of joy – there are no rules in the game of life.”  Kazuki Sakata 1948 - 2012

Track listing

1.             Badminton                                            
2.             Baseball                 
3.             Basketball
4.             Boxing
5.             Cricket
6.             Hockey
7.             Snooker
8.             Soccer
9.             Tennis