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The Cold Hand - Paperships


Debut album from Berlin/Bristol duo, Joanna Kupnicka and Anton Maiof.

For fans of Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti.



He who looks from the sun into another light will not see much, and yet it is different for the ones standing in the shade...
They know all too well what the darkness holds.  Melancholy is the hallway before the darkness. The light is vanishing but never out of reach and when you step out of the sun, close enough to the see the shadows, you hear the music of The Cold Hand. 

A certain nonchalance in relation to less convenient truths.  Over there in the sun you hear them shout that the wonders of love never truly stop.  But, back in the shade, you know better. This is the inspiration for feathers on paper, melodies and rhythm.  A voice for the path.

A duo from Berlin and Bristol camps at this particular place, documenting the flora and fauna.

Paperships presents a compendium of  bitter-sweet  'Funeral Folk' songs.  For those times when the darkness is closer than the sunlight, a soundtrack until you want to return to the light.
Track listing

1.             The Ivy                                  
2.             Liebreiz                  
3.             Red
4.             Scarecrow
5.             Taylors Mistake
6.             Like Flies To God
7.             Disko 2012
8.             Siren’s Lullaby