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The Dagger Brothers - Hot Doctor


Launch date 5th March 2012 - Direct sales only. Click links below to preview and buy. 150 hand numbered copies worldwide.



Forced in to hiding as a direct consequence of their meteoric rise to the heady heights of Stardom Guest House and B+B after the success of 2010’s, ‘Space Trumpet,’ - regarded by many as responsible for the assassination of Osama Bin Laden , the London Riots, Russell Grant’s return to our TV screens and the passing of Billy Bragg -  the Dagger Brothers, had to make their latest Magnum opus, ‘Hot Doctor,’ in an RSPB wetland nature reserve using only the orifices of Parus major and other tiny British wildlife of the avian variety .

A treat for hornithologists - it certainly was not, for one Mrs Fanny Wither of 18 Arcadia Road, Canvey Island, who stumbled across the twins playing the tit whilst trimming her bush. 

The resultant stroke had its upside, however, inspiring the maestros to compose a canon of potentially chart topping tunes about misdemeanours of a se%ual nature in English class, Jenga and babies riding dogs.

So sit back, relax, and watch any sign of the blues within an earshot of the speakers evaporate as the Brothers of the Dagger take you on a cut-price adventure aboard their hallucinogenic wheelbarrow fashioned out of Twiki’s helmet and powered by the Martin Clunes flavoured bottom bazookas of Dungeon and Dragon’s very own Uni.

“I always f*ck to the Dagger Brothers” – Nicholas Witchell (Royal correspondent for the BBC)
Me too” – Jimmy Somerville    

Special guest appearances include:  Enya, 2 Live Crew and Finger Mouse.      

Track listing

1.             The Holiday’s Over                                                              
2.             Hot Doctor                            
3.             Jenga
4.             Bono’s Song
5.             Dvds
6.             Paradise Lost
7.             You’ve Been Framed
8.             Friends
9.             Men Behaving Badly
10.           Geldof
11.           Knitted Hat