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Sleeps in Oysters - Lo! (April 18th 2011)


Lo! is the long anticipated second album from Sleeps in Oysters and the follow up to their limited edition single, The Brambles in Starlight released at the end of last year to enthusiastic praise…

“Sleeps in Oysters is not tied to convention, and the duo's lack of traditional propriety polka-dots their output. In a thrift shoppe of sonic possibility, they rescue the cast-off and invigorate the drab. On the basis of the single The Brambles in Starlight, Lo! should be one of the year's stunners.“ The Silent Ballet

“All told, The Brambles in Starlight plays like some mystifying oddity from the heart of the black forest, a macabre Grimm's fairy tale brought to sonic life.” Textura

When they debuted back in 2008, Sleeps in Oysters met with critical acclaim aplenty from publications such as The Wire, XLR8R and Mixmag who awarded them ‘Experimental Record of the Month.’ Nearly 3 years in the making, Lo! is a more than worthy successor.

Lo! comes to you in a high-quality card gatefold sleeve and each standard release is accompanied by a hand-illustrated insert depicting each of the 12 animal masks featured in the album photography as a cross stitch chart. £9.99

50 hand numbered special edition packs are available which come with one of the 12 animal masks featured on the sleeve, and a kit consisting of threads, fabric and thimble to enable you to ‘stitch your own’ matching miniature cross stitch. Available only through the SEED SHOP for £14.99


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