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Free Track - 'The Chase Part 1'

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‘Shadow of the Blood Stained Kiss’ is the Antoni Maiovvi score to a nonexistent 1983 Italian Sci-fi giallo starring Barbara Cupisti and Ian McCulloch.  In the distant future "Europa," the 2nd moon of Jupiter has been colonized by man.  In the midst of this Utopian era a dangerous struggle for power between organised crime and the highest level of government is underway and when Juliet Hardy (Barbara Cupisti), a stunning discotheque singer, becomes witness to a murder the only person who believes her is tough-nosed cyber-journalist, Jason Scott (Ian McCulloch). Together, they unravel more than they bargained for as a sadistic killer runs loose brutally slaying anyone in connection to the crime. Who does this man in black work for and what is the connection between him and an ancient order that have been controlling the known universe since the dawn of time?

 After the dance floor storming success of his debut album on Seed Records, ‘Electro Muscle Cult; which had Dazed & Confused proclaiming him the ‘King of Italo’ whilst Mark Moore went weak at the knees and the legendary Italian composer – in between a bowl of penne, a fine Chianti and a narcotics related execution -  Fabio Frizzi passed more than favourable judgment, Antoni Maiovvi returns with a cracking follow up that pays homage to all the best bits of John Carpenter, Goblin and Zombi and sets alight to them with a flame thrower ala Fahrenheit 451’s Guy Montag.

"Carpenter sex-scene, bloodied dagger disco sounds" - 20 Jazz Funk Greats

"Sounds like something straight out of a George Romero flick, with the same driving tension that puts moviegoers at the edge of their seats" - XLR8R

"Strikes the perfect balance between energy and melancholy, through space soaked keyboards and weeping drum machines" - Electronic Beats

"Throbs and glistens in all the right places" - Slutty Fringe

"Party music" - Vital Weekly




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