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'Night Eyes' is the outrageously feral debut album from Seed Records latest signings, ‘Eyes’ hailing all the way from rootin’ tootin’ pistol shootin’ East Moline, USA;  and to quote the late and great Wee Jimmy Krankie  it’s 100% ‘Yippee kaya muther f#@$&r!’

Recorded in Iowa City at Flat Black Studios by Luke Tweedy of the (ft) Shadow Government and featuring guest collaborations from William  Elliot Whitmore, R. Stevie Moore and Shawn Reed, ‘Night Eyes,’ is a musical exploration laced to the gunnels with intense psychedelic textures and danceable no wave rhythms.  So, if you like your American D.I.Y tighter and messier than a teenage cauliflower on a Llyod Kaufman shoot then look no further than these Toxic Avengers to put plutonium in your prosthetic limb. 

‘Eyes’ inaugural studio recording follows up the release of over  thirty different home-recorded lo-fi projects in one year - many of which are now out of print - having honed their live sound at shows all over the US alongside everyone from Teeth Mountain to Aids Wolf, Pre to Monotonix (which reminds me, you too can catch them in the flesh at your local inn this Summer as they bum around the UK and Europe with Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo in their Wagon  Queen Family Truckster)
For lovers of the Love Pump United sound or Ariel Pink and who want something  with an edgier sprinkle, ‘Eyes’ aren’t  too dissimilar  to a chaotic kids disco wrapped in day-glo plastic whilst being devoured by cannibals and fired straight into the couchie of a toothless dame by the name of Jessie!  Chucking Health, Dan Deacon, Crystal Castles and a butt-naked Bach, with a peacock’s tail feather stuffed up his jacksy, into a blender and flicking the switch doesn’t even come within a baby rat’s tache to the tuneful reverie this tricky trio conjure up. (Though we’re sure as hell that combo will make a mighty fine mélange as you bed down with your teddy bear and look up at the stars.)


"Chicago electro-funk trio 'Eyes' feel free to experiment.  Their songs see-saw from brilliant to irritant, but at least they're aware of it"
The Guardian

"Love it!"
Joe Muggs (The Wire)

"Quality.  Rough and ready freak-beat"
Slutty Fringe

"One hard-to-categorize disk! "
The Silent Ballet

“Fiercely bizarre and hypnotic”

“Wild sound collages that give off a futuristic pool party vibe”
Noise Shock Report

“Well worth your time and money.  This type of music may strike you as weird, but you should defiantly give it a try.”
Hell Razor Magazine

“Eyes’ cover version of my song, ‘Worry Boy,’ is better than the original!”
Jamie from Xiu Xiu

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