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Coming soon in 2009...EYES

We shall be returning in 2009 with a few more releases to keep you entertained with the first one as we type being:

'Night Eyes' by Eyes,

Eyes are our fantastic new signings from East Moline, USA. 

This is the first studio recording of Eyes who are following up the release of over thirty different home-recorded lo-fi projects in one year, many which are now out of print. Recorded in Iowa City at Flat Black Studios by Luke Tweedy of the Shadow Government and featuring guest collaborations from William Elliot Whitmore, R. Stevie Moore and Shawn Reed, their album will be one laced to the max with heavy psychedelic textures and danceable no wave rhythms or, for want of a quote, ' a chaotic kids disco wrapped in day-glo plastic whilst being devoured by cannibals on board a paddle-steamer heading straight up ol' Miss' and into the couchie of a toothless dame by the name of Jessie.'  

As ever, it will be mastered by [s]! and Jimmy Stewart.

Mark our voodooistic crypt calling words.

Until then have a great bit of time off (due to the recession or otherwise) and thanks for your continued support.




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