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Seed Records Volume 2 - OUT NOW!



Five years have passed since the sumptuous, Seed Records Volume 1 jackknifed in to town and straight through a neon lit brothel, but that doesn't mean we haven't kept our finger on the pulse. Now, we are proud to present Seed Records Vol 2.

A massive 15 track compilation encompassing all that is good about noise, dub, punk, folk, Italo and techno plus everything else in between. We've really tried to pull the stops out with regards to the quality and diversity of music on offer on this limited edition run of 500 CDs, with contributions from luminaries such as Zombi, Alexander Robotnick, Legowelt, Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt not to mention up and coming bands such as Sleeps In Oyster, EYES and Skitanja alongside Mark Verbos, Jaques Lauder, The Doubtful Guest, [s]!, dDamage and Maiovvi&Fortuna.

Seed Volume 2 spans all genres and plenty of countries in between. The Swedes, the British, the Dutch, the French, the Americans and the Italians are all involved in this veritable feast of musical delights which will be out in June 08.

Get a taster of some of the tracks here:

To celebrate the release we are happy to offer you [s]! 'I Eat Cocks Like You For Breakfast' free:!_I%20Eat%20

Check the legend that is Robotnick's fun music video for a remixed version of, 'Can I Have An Ashtray?



"Brilliant stuff! Thumbs up." - PLAN B

"The left-field label dealing in far flung outposts of electronic music gives us a selection of IDM, Techno, Acid as well as some slightly more esoteric music that at times verges on challenging...i have a sneaky feeling that's just how Seed like it." - ELECTRONIC BEATS

"An original and quality piece of work." - GROOVE

"Seed Records deliver another quirky A&R curve-ball in the form of this varied, nonsense-free, budget-price compilation. Highly recommended! - WARP

"Love it all. Consistently thought provoking, if crazed at times" - TOM RAVENSCROFT, CHANNEL 4 RADIO

"Stylistically diverse compilation from Seed Records that touches almost all the bases—synth-pop, Detroit techno, electronica, dub, electro, Italo, even punk, more than enough material to sink one's teeth into." - TEXTURA

"This second compilation of Seed Records has a lot of things to please. An eclectic selection, some interesting artists, some really good newcomers, and a very nice booklet! Check it out!" - BOING POUM TCHAK

"I got it and I liked it." - FAILME.NET

"Has that Squarephuser vibe to it.. nice." - MARK BROOM (PURE PLASTIC, BPITCH)

"Bloody Hell, there's alot going on!" - JIM MASTERS (HI-TEK SOUL)

"Really varied stuff, all different styles." - DAVE TARRIDA (TRESOR, SATIVAE)


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