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This release is available to buy now from the Seed Shop.

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Limited to 750 copies worldwide, the first 50 copies sold from the Seed Shop will receive a Seed Satellite, 'The Exgirlfriends' promo.

We are over the moon to announce new a signing to Seed: Sancho.

Masterminded by Paul Hanford from Dorset (formerly part of 'Brothers in Sound') this 9-piece band combine jagged folk musings and krautrock with organic electronics and hold it all together with a true feeling of British nostaligia. Their debut album 'Mystery Year' is set for CD & mp3 release on Seed on January 29th 2007, featuring a video for the track 'As Light Came, They Fled' by the Paper Cinema

“It takes a while to grow on you, but slowly but surely the album reveals its charm. There’s certainly a lot more going on production wide than immediately meets the eye. A fine debut.”
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“arrives with bags of dynamic self-confidence… A surprising, subtle and intoxicating 40 minutes, rather than the mysterious year of the title.”

“Mystery Year is a nicely varied bunch of music… the thirteen tracks guarantee never a dull moment in sight. Uplifting music from a highly diverse supermarket of music. Very pleasant!”

“Calm, contemplative music full of the atmosphere of a winter evening shrinking into the fog… rural beauty and nostalgia, the music breathes the feeling of a marvellous memory form a past time.”

“Mystery Year is an extraordinarily passionate and deep album. Sancho employ a huge variety of sounds, flawlessly mixing electronic with acoustic to produce an awe inspiring flow of music.”

“Mystery Year is less songs than meandering drone, post-rock, and melancholic ballad settings, the kind of album where a zither or bouzouki is just as likely to appear as a melodica or glockenspiel.”

"Candid, Softly Psychedelic...Sancho's Music is still young, but yet very personal"

Preview track excerpts: I'm On Your Side / Twenty Messages

View live footage of Sancho at The Spitz, London, here

Sancho have set up a MySpace page here

You can read a Q&A with Paul Hanford of Sancho in our '10 questions' feature.

The Sancho track 'Bones' also exclusively features on the third CD of the Seed 5x5 series.

For more info on the upcoming album please check our Press section


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