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Posthuman - The People's Republic


3 years in the making, the new Posthuman full length "The Peoples Republic" is out now on CD, & high-quality mp3 download (exclusive to, with one extra track. The CD version comes with a 12 page colour booklet of artwork by Posthuman)

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"Perfectly bridges the divides between beautiful modern electronics and classic sparse rock sounds...a Clash Favourite"

"You Need This Album! ...beautiful, bleak and haunting all at the same time"

"...possessed of a sublime emotive beauty...Posthuman join the dots between early Mogwai and Autechre, then add something extra"

"Posthuman delve into a medmeric world of post-rock guitar and modern beats...few make albums like this anymore. 8.5 out of 10"
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"Sit back and let Posthuman's perfect storm of buzzes, beats, voices, and post-rock instrumentation wash over you."

"...This album is an odyssey to the depths of darkness, a journey that results in an arrival at a new black light without shadows --taking all its elements, the sorrow, the sadness, and somehow turns them on their head. Subjectivity and objectivity melt, only a sound remains..."
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"Groundbreaking...A fragment of menacing electronic excellence"

" a dream partnership between Boards of Canada and My Bloody Valentine"

"Somewhere half way through Radiohead and Skam, you might find the crossroad that says Posthuman"

"An evocative and distinctive release, The Peoples Republic straddles genres in compelling manner."
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"haunting voices and ghostlike soundscapes hang like veils over the tracks on their third album. Music for the darkest of dungeons."

"An excellent third album offering from Posthuman... incorporating post-rock guitar elements into their productions with a level of adeptness missed by many similar outfits; indeed much of ‘The Peoples Republic’ succeeds beautifully because the electronics and guitars respectively compliment, rather than dominate each other"
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"Posthuman deliver their most impressive piece of work to date"

"Record of the week"

"a multifaceted album that seemlessly blends the duo's influences and now extensive live experience, into an amalgam of studio trickery and live instrumentation that is dark, moody and very warm"


A massive departure from previous outings, this album sees the cousins team up with old friends Tom Brady on guitars and Lukas Wooller (of Maximo Park) on keyboards, as they explore the undefinable place between post-rock and electronics, with shattered guitars and primal rhythms held together with melancholic synthesis and ethereal vocals. A darker, stronger, and more serious album than 'Lagrange Point' or 'The Uncertainty of the Monkey' this heralds a massive step forward for the duo, and is set to be followed with a full-band series of live shows.

You can read a Q&A with Rich & Josh in our '10 Questions' feature.

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