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We are Rich & Josh. We are cousins, our family is from Scotland and
the North East of England. We write music as Posthuman.

Our first release was with a Manchester based record label called Skam
Records. We sent them a demo with a note saying 'will gig for vodka'.
They offered us a release and a gig, supporting Altern8 in Manchester
in 1999. We had a good time, but are still waiting for the vodka.

We started Seed in London, in the year 2000. It was a series of nights
in a local venue aimed at showcasing up & coming artists, allowing
them to grow (hence the name 'Seed') Since then everything has
snowballed, the night turned into a label, and released our first
album 'The Uncertainty of the Monkey' in late 2001, 9 tracks of
aggressive, melodically driven electronic music. It did well, the
label grew, and the next thing we knew we were gigging all over
Europe, and releasing other peoples music.

Taking breaks from writing, we would head out and explore London,
becoming quite fascinated with its lost rivers. This led us to finding
Aldwych Disused Tube Station on The Strand, and upon meeting
the curator, a man who had worked for London Underground for
nearly 40 years, we managed to persuade him to allow us to hold
a party there. From 2001 to 2004 we hosted a number of live
extravaganzas there, featuring many of our musical heroes,
influences, and contempories - including Plaid, Aphex Twin,
Goldfrapp, Luke Vibert, Mark Moore, Richard X, and many more.
These have been some of the best nights of our lives, one of those
rare things we were lucky enough to be a part of. More releases
followed, we made many new friends, Seed continued to flourish,
and we played many more live shows.

Our second album, the quiet and introspective 'Lagrange Point'
signalled the end of Seed's first golden age and the beginning of
harder times. Soon after the album was released, the labels finances
came to a halt through a poor business deal and the last minute
cancellation of our final tube station party, combined with the deaths
of two of the planned performers: legendary Dj John Peel, and Coil
frontman John Balance, (who died on the very night Coil were
meant to be playing at our party) left us devastated, disheartened,
and totally broke.

Now we have just completed our third album, which features session
musician Tom Brady on guitars, and Lukas Wooller (of Maximo Park)
on keyboards, as well a spoken word piece from the mysterious Jane
XI. It's a massive departure from our previous output - we stepped
away from the machines, writing simple songs on our guitars, then
spending months taking those songs apart and recontructing them
until they became an entirely new entity - and we hope, more than
the sum of their parts.