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Cursor Miner

Cursor Miner


Rob Tubb aka Cursor Miner was an instant hit when he played at the second ever Seed night in December 2000, and has been a family member ever since. His live shows explode with energy and never fail to impress. It's hard to pin down Rob's sound - ranging from comedy eletropop to dark bass-heavy monsters and shufflebeat anthems. Sometimes he sounds like Beck and Bowie caught in the machine from Superman 2, other times he's giving Tipper and Si Begg a run for their money...

And just like his music, his home is a complicated subject. We share Rob with a number of other record labels, including Lo Recordings and the excellent Uncharted Audio. But that's ok, his personality is as big as his musical talent - there's more than enough of him to go round.

Recently, Mr Tubb has produced music for the Radio 1 Rock Show as well as appearing on Mary Anne Hobbs' Breezeblock sessions. 2007 will see the release of the controversial, 'Suicide Bomber,' as a Seed 7".