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Oxford born Charles Matthews started working under the name of Ardisson as an industrial techno/noise project while living in Yokohama, Japan in 1997. Following a series of limited CDs on his own Ether Wins Purity label, he moved to London where he was taken by the sound of clattering snares and sub bass, cutting his teeth with a late night DJ slot at pirate-turned-internet radio InterFACE.

8 years on Charles has teamed up with Seed Records to release a pair of acclaimed leftfield eps while honing a more dancefloor friendly angle with breakbeat producer Vlad Sokolov. Alongside Seed and Vlad's own labels Sokolov and London Breakz, productions have appeared on TCR, Warp and Perfecto. Recent releases include bass heavy remixes of ScanOne on Combat Recordings, Smithmonger on Vertical Sound and DJ Nitro on Sokolov. Forthcoming are a full length album on Seed and a series of singles on Bedouin Ascent's No-Immortal imprint.

Determined to break away from the stationary laptop-dj stereotype, his recent live shows as Ardisson have ranged from full on acid assault featuring the classic 101,303,606,808 and 909! combination to delicate computer improvisation controlled by clockwork. He is currently working on a generative performance environment, dubbed "Lydia".